Frequently Asked Questions


What is your day rate?

My day rate can vary depending on the job. Shoot me an email to find out.

What does it mean to be a hybrid creative?

That might be the dumbest question to ask myself. But I am consistently hired as an Art Director, Copywriter and a Creative Director. My strong suit is comedy so i tend to write and creative direct more these days than art direct but it all depends on the job.

Can you work alone then Mr. Hybrid Creative douchebag?


Will come work on-site with us?

Usually I can. However my preference and my best work comes from working remotely. 

Are you interested in full-time roles?

I'm always open to any opportunity that will allow me to create great work. So That said I like the flexibility and variety of being an independent contractor.

Who do you like to partner with?

Over my career I've worked with dozens of partners with diverse backgrounds. Here are my favourite collaborators.

Josh Dimarcantonio
Vikus Bhalla
Mat Bunnell
Shawn Preston